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Sport e divertimento in montagna cadore dolomiti

Sport and fun at high altitude

The Dolomites of Auronzo di Cadore are perfect scenarios for a holiday full of sport and fun.

During the summer, thanks to a cool and pleasant climate, the season is ideal for hiking or cycling, like those you can do around the lake of Santa Caterina, just a short walk from the Centrale hotel, three stars in the heart of the Dolomites, which offers its guests some mountain bikes.

In the small beach on the shores of the lake it will be pleasant to relax sunbathing with your family.

In Auronzo di Cadore, your winter or summer holiday will be full of emotions and well-being, it will be a stay suitable for large families, even with small children, and you will discover with them the fun of the Tre Cime Adventure Park with six routes in difficulty levels growing among majestic firs (from 3 years upwards) and the excitement of the fun bob, a sort of rail sled, in the Monte Agudo area.