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Sci di fondo auronzo di cadore dolomiti

Cross-country skiing in Cadore

The silence, the beauty of nature, the colors, the smells, the flavors ... those who try cross-country skiing for the first time will be enchanted by the natural beauty that enchants our area of ??Cadore and the Dolomites. Surprised by the silence and tranquility, in Cadore you will find many tracks for cross-country skiing completely immersed in the woods.

A full immersion in sport and fun, cross-country skiing is a complete sport, which engages and develops all the muscles and will give you the right energy to return to the hotel after a day on skis and relax comfortably in our wellness center and let yourself be pampered with our typical dishes in the restaurant.

San Vito Fund Center

In Cadore, near our hotel Centrale, you will find the Centro Fondo di San Vito, with a cross-country ski run that stretches for about 6 km on a simple track that even beginners can follow.

The departure is at the Baita Prasolio and from here there are two rings that cross the "Pian de la Graes".

When time permits, even a smaller and simpler ring is beaten at the Alpe di Senes, completely immersed in nature and in the woods.

Cross-country skiing at the Cibiana Pass

Located in Passo Cibiana, the “Deona” slope is considered one of the most evocative slopes in the entire Cadore area, as it has several rings, and is immersed in the uncontaminated nature of the Dolomites.

In this center at the bottom of Passo Cibiana you can ski even at night.