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Non solo sci per una vacanza ad Auronzo di Cadore

Not just skiing for a holiday in Auronzo di Cadore!

One of the most evocative places in the Dolomites is Cadore, where during the winter you expect intense days of fun, sport and relaxation in high altitude!

From excursions with sled dogs pulled by Husky dogs to snowshoeing among the magnificent Tre cime di Lavaredo, from outings with the Alpine Guides to ice skating.

In the summer as in winter there are many activities that the Cadore offers to all its guests because inside it contains multiple areas with geographical diversity, traditions, culture and makes a territory rich in cultures to be discovered!

Sleddog's Tour: these are the sleigh rides driven by Huskies dogs, suitable for both adults and children. You will be accompanied by the sled in the most beautiful places of the Cadore in the high mountains, immersed in nature with breathtaking views.

SnowKite: is an activity that comes from the union between snowboard and kitesurf, then between the board and a kite (kite). It is a sport that is becoming very famous in the Cadore area as the right breeze, the absence of dangerous electricity networks and ski lifts, allows these exits between enchanting Dolomite peaks and breathtaking views on the border with Trentino!

Sledding: always an activity where adults and children have fun during the days at high altitude. A healthy and genuine sport, during your vacation in Auronzo di Cadore, near the Tre cime di Lavaredo and Lake Misurina, you can certainly rent a toboggan together with your family and have fun among the slopes in the area. A recreation made of breathtaking descents, where all the ability to drive and command to get off faster than the others is at stake.

Ice skating: two ideal ice rinks have been set up in the Cadore area for skating during the winter. Half an hour from our hotel Centrale, both the Happy Park of Borca di Cadore and the Skating of Vodo di Cadore, have beautiful outdoor slopes with a refreshment area and skate rental.

Snowshoes and snowshoes: a silence immersed in the uncontaminated nature of the Cadore woods, an enchanting panorama that will dazzle your eyes and heart, an inner well-being that will make you forget everyday stress ... all this if you try the fun of a day with snowshoes from snow and snowshoes on your feet during your winter stay in Cadore. Discover the special offers for family ski holidays. There are so many itineraries that you can follow, where you will perhaps be able to see some traces left by wild animals that live in our woods. And you will feel the thin, sparkling, pure and healthy air with the intense perfume of resin that is felt when passing under the pines.

For any information or request, ask directly at the reception of our Hotel Centrale!