Why choose us

Why choose the Cadore for the holidays?

  • because Auronzo has views and unique and breathtaking scenery, unforgettable for young and old
  • because the Cadore is a really rich of itineraries and to live an active holiday in the mountains area
  • because it is full of fun and wellness opportunities for families, children, groups of friends... for all ages!
  • because in the summer you can spend full days between the peaks of the Dolomites, including picnics and walks in high altitude
  • because in winter you have fun among ski slopes always perfectly maintained, trips and excursions with huskies and sleds
  • because it is a country where the flavors and traditions are found in the dishes, on the premises and in restaurants
  • because it is an area rich in lakes unique in their kind, set among the beautiful Dolomites
  • because magnificent are the Stars: the Three Peaks which are the symbol of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage
  • because it is an area rich in history and you can visit the World War museums
  • because it is a country where you can still find themselves living the old traditions, handed down from generation to generation

We have supper? Then.......

...... If we have convinced .... now we tell you why choose the Hotel Centrale

  • because you will feel instantly welcomed by a familiar and friendly environment thanks to the Pais family, attentive to every detail, to experience a unique stay
  • because it provides a unique experience of well-being and nature, surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites
  • because you can comfortably relax at any time of your day in the spa and wellness hotel
  • because you can enjoy intense days of sport and then enjoy the comfort of the hote
  • because harmony and wellbeing await you in our rooms with a contemporary d├ęcor and fresh with notes of unique sensations
  • because you will start your day with a rich and authentic flavors, with croissants, fruit, cold cuts, sweet and savory ...
  • because you will feel pampered from morning to night and always try not to miss anything
  • because every day you will find in the menu the best culinary specialties, related to the local and national traditions for both lunch and dinner
  • because the hotel Centrale will always offer specials and packages for a unique and unforgettable holiday!
  • because the Central hotel is very attentive to the needs of those who has food allergies or are allergic to foods or is celiac, so we always offer special dishes and menus also dedicated to them