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Holidays in Cadore?

The Centrale hotel is always a nice idea... even in autumn!
And in autumn our mountains will amaze you!

You will be amazed by the many colors and beauty: an irresistible charm for spending days outdoors in a magnificent place, which will allow you to fill your eyes and heart with the magical autumn atmospheres.

An autumn weekend at the Hotel Centrale in the heart of Auronzo di Cadore means treating yourself to a full dose of beauty and relaxation...

You will have the opportunity, with a mild climate, to enjoy a walk at Lake Santa Caterina, an artificial lake that was formed following the raising of the Santa Caterina dam.

Lake Santa Caterina is navigable and also suitable for swimming, in summer there are small beaches equipped for sunbathing. In autumn however, it is surrounded by a riot of charm and colour, with an easy and accessible walk all around.

A beautiful autumn day is always the right opportunity to walk along the lake, surrounded by the majestic Dolomite peaks, to calmly admire the colors of the surrounding woods, in total silence and relaxation, filling your eyes with the glimmer of the sun reflected on the crystal clear water of the lake.