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The rich and tasty breakfast at the hotel Centrale!

Start your day in a healthy and tasty way.

Breakfast at the hotel Centrale in Auronzo di Cadore is served every day from 8:00 to 10:30 to ensure that all guests of our hotel can start the day with the right energy.
The breakfast buffet It includes sweet, savory and hot flavours, to satisfy the different eating habits of our guests.

The breakfast options include, for example, fresh empty or filled croissants with cream or apricot jam, homemade cakes, cereals and muesli with fruit, cornflakes, energy bars, biscuits to accompany with genuine strawberry and pear jams. , apricots, cherries, honey..... And then dried fruit and fresh fruit, energetic fruit such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pineapple, apricots... Blood orange and pineapple fruit juices, fresh and nutritious orange juices... All types of yoghurt: fruit , coffee, low-fat... And then milk, fresh boiled eggs, cold cuts and fresh cheeses for those who love a continental breakfast with savory flavours...
As Hippocrates, the famous doctor of Magna Graecia, stated, good nutrition is the best cure. In fact, it is essential for us to pamper our customers from the moment they arrive and delight them with our local products even during their stay.
Cuisine is a refined, generous and delicious culinary art, in which traditions, ingredients, dishes and colours, must be distinguished by their flavour, aromas and quality.
Our restaurant will always offer you new dishes, also linked to our territory: let yourself be attracted by the inimitable dumplings or the homemade polenta with speck and Cadore cheeses... and don't miss all our homemade desserts, tarts and jams!
Breakfast, served every day from 8.00 to 9.30, will give you a good morning with a rich sweet and savory buffet, accompanied by local bread, croissants and cereals. Cakes, tarts and jams are produced by us.
At lunch and dinner, traditional dishes and those of national and international cuisine alternate in a varied and imaginative way. From tasty polenta with mushrooms, to delicious soups, from dumplings with vegetables to game, without forgetting cured meats and cheeses.
At the end of the meal there is never a shortage of homemade desserts such as strudel or delicious apple fritters, cakes or semifreddos.