Your well-being in the Dolomites

The advantage of a holiday spa hotel ...

The natural beauty of the Cadore, with mountains, rivers and lakes, are a cure for those seeking a healthy holiday in the Dolomites.

After a busy day spent among the ski slopes in winter, hiking or just walking in the summer, the Central Hotel guests Auronzo can regenerate body and mind allowing himself a refreshing break in our little SPA.

A Finnish sauna is the ideal to balance the autonomic nervous system, favoring the elimination of toxins through perspiration and to find a perfect skin.

The choice of a hot steam bath, or turkish bath, is perfect to adjust and improve blood circulation, and restore radiance and elasticity to the skin.

Between courses and the other suggests a timed shower with chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

Weekend relaxation in Auronzo di Cadore

After all that walking your feet and legs need a 'special attention as the Kneipp path, through a series of small pools filled with river stones alternating jets of cold and hot water, it is a nice remedy for the circulation.

At the end of the treatment you can expect a warm herbal tea to be enjoyed in comfortable chairs of the SPA.

Access to the spa is allowed only to hotel guests, 16 years.